Okortobu, Ghana

Building the Church in Okortobu, Ghana

Church construction in progress! We have began construction on the Okortobu church building in Ghana. The church was planted there in 2008 by brother Curtis Teague and Bro. Daniel Lartey with a visit to the village. After a few nights of open air preaching, several souls were saved and a congregation united. As time passed AHM was able to provide a temporary structure for the congregation to meet together and have church.

Now, by the grace of God and the faithfulness of the Okortobu congregation, AHM is excited to be in a building program to build a proper house of prayer for the Okortobu church. A place to worship God, preach the gospel and teach the surrounding area to observe all things whatsoever Jesus has commanded us. Special thanks to the holiness people in America who were willing to catch the vision, eager to give and help carry the burden, AHM has to carry the gospel to west Africa.


These videos show the labor that goes into building a church in the rural areas of west Africa. All cement, gravel & sand is bought in town and trucked to the building site, where its then mixed by hand on the ground for all of the project.

Early stages

The following pics are of a village where we planted a church a few years ago in Ghana. The name of the village is Okortobu. The church has between 25 to 30 in attendance and is made up mostly of women and children. It’s only recently that we have begun to see an interest from the men of the village. With about 5 men attending the services regularly. The church is a temporary structure, open air meeting place. It is our desire for them to have a proper building to worship God in the near future.

Please pray for the believers at Okortobu.
Bro. Teague