Bro. Curtis Teague

The holiness work in West Africa was birthed in the heart of Bro. Curtis Teague during his first trip to the country of Cameroon in 1999. When he arrived and saw firsthand what the Lord was doing in that place, it became obvious to him; he was supposed to be a part of it. Says Bro. Teague,

“When I arrived in Africa, I was greeted by hungry souls eager to hear from the word of the Lord. I found many people still living in huts made from mud and thatch, with no electricity or running water, bound by superstition and witchcraft, but they were eager to hear the gospel message.”

Since 1999, many trips to West Africa have been taken, with many souls coming out of the darkness and into the marvelous light.

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About Us

Since 1999 we have planted and established many churches in Cameroon and Ghana. God has blessed us to build 13 sanctuaries for worship, many of those in rural villages where there was no Christian influence before we arrived. We have churches among the Pygmy in the rainforest and among the Muslim saturated Northern provinces, with a good representation all across the country of Cameroon. We currently have three congregations in Ghana. We have two full-time missionaries that we support on a monthly basis to be our field representatives. We have been blessed to put 7 fresh water wells in rural villages, providing clean drinking water for thousands that were forced to drink contaminated, dirty water. African Holiness Missions is governed by a board of directors that have proven to be a great blessing to our work in Africa. This board is made up of the following men; Curtis TeagueKenneth LottDr. Ryan Ralston, and Joe Salter.

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